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The journey to recovery

Posted on 27 September, 2016 at 4:40

Hi Everyone,

This week’s blog is about the journey to recovery. It will share my observations of Doc’s recovery and my own experiences with my own challenges. With this blog, I hope to reach out to those that may be going through a similar or totally different experience. Maybe even starting a conversation amongst people about what they have experienced or are experiencing.


The recovery process for Doc was a very long one. It went through many different stages.


• Unconscious

• Drugs sedating him during the first few days.

• Doc’s recovery began when he first opened his eyes.

• Waking up for the first time and not knowing where he was.

• Being so confused day in and day out.

• Not recognising people in the family.

• He didn’t converse very much.

• Not being able to remember the picture cards that the medical team would challenge him with.

• He was very subdued when it came to his personality.

• Medications would cause severe drowsiness, so each time he woke up again the confusion would set in.

• Moving to the Brain Injury Unit, was just another thing to get used to.

• Settling in and becoming aware of the people that were suffering around him.

• Starting physio and many other therapist visits.

• Coming out of the Brain Injury Unit for a weekend visit.

• Finally coming home for good.


Watching the strength and determination during those months and years was truly amazing. He’s one man, who has shown us all that anything is possible when we have something to live for.


My journey alongside Doc was very mentally challenging. Many, many different emotions began from that first day and beyond.


• Shock and disbelief.

• Sadness at the hospital for that first visit.

• Loneliness when he couldn’t speak.

• Determination to keep going.

• My journaling was the best outlet to release my feelings.

• Joy when he opened his eyes for the first time.

• I needed to be strong for him with support during his recovery.

• Helping him be positive.

• Elation when I could bring him home.

So as you can see, there are many different emotions involved in these sort of situations. There is a strength that we can tap into, to be able to endure such challenging times. Like my last blog, keeping hope alive in your heart can really help.








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