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Write, write, write.

Posted on 3 October, 2016 at 9:10


Hi Everyone,


There are so many people that I come across who have so much going on. My advice to them is usually to tell them to pick up a pen and paper and write.


Most of them say that they don't have the time, or don't know what to write about. I thought that exact same way many years ago, when I first put pen to paper. The first days were so strange, not much said and alot of the time I giggled and laughed at the things I was writing about. I'd write about things that had happened through the day, maybe also the things I wanted to happen. During that time, I realised a lightness that came over me, especially after writing more and more each time. It does take practice, much like anything in this world. But the reward is amazing. To feel clearer and lighter is such a great feeling.


Some things I wrote were also sad, how I was feeling if someone had hurt me in some way. Those sort of emotions and feelings are the ones we feel we need to keep to ourselves and not burden others. We all know people that are going through rough times, so we don't want to add to their woes. That's understandable, so the writing down of those feelings, helps us to release all of that. We feel better that we haven't worried others over how we are feeling.


I can't imagine what I'd be like, if it hadn't been for the writing I did during Doc's ordeal. I really don't think I would have been as grounded and as positive as I was. I also feel that it helped Doc aswell, with me being more grounded and felt I was in control a bit more, than if I hadn't done the writing.


So, if you get the chance today, just sit down with a pad and pen and jot out a few things that happened today, good or bad. Before you know it, you will be jotting things down a lot more and feeling a lightness that you haven't felt before.


Wishing you all a great day.




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