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Tips for harnessing your inner strength

Posted on 4 October, 2016 at 6:05

Hi Everyone,

This week’s blog is about “Tips on harnessing your inner strength”.



When I first heard about Doc’s accident, I went into a different world. A world I found was very dark. That insane, unknown world. The one that a lot of us have been thrown into without a choice. There are many tips that I can pass on from my experience, so that hopefully it can lighten someone’s load of heaviness through their moments of pain.


• Being grounded – just focussing on every moment and realising when you aren’t coping.

• Write down your true feeling (yes, I’m banging on again about this) – be truthful in your writings, don’t hold back, the paper can’t judge.

• Don’t dwell on the accident – how did it happen? Who’s fault was it? Why them? This is the time that you need to focus in on what the future looks like.

• Spend time listening to your loved one, their feelings are filled with emotions, emotions that need to be heard. They are also struggling with the accident and what has happened to them.

• Trying not to get sucked into others negativity – don’t let their thoughts about the situation stay in your thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive as best you can.

• Staying positive is the most crucial thing, throughout any accident situation. I found that I was focusing on ANY small achievement as a positive. When one finger flickered, it was the greatest achievement.

• Being thankful is another big one. Thankful for your loved one still being alive. In those cold evenings when I was home, on my own, I gave thanks.

• Your inner strength is always there. We just need to close our eyes, take a deep breath and use everything we have to get through it.

• Our families can help us be strong, as sometimes we need to support them aswell.



May your load be lightened a little, if you are going through a really bumpy ride. You all have this inner strength within. Sometimes it takes a huge thing, such as Doc’s accident, to make you realise it’s always been there on tap. We just needed to realise how to unlock it.




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