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The Daily Edition Interview

Posted on 9 November, 2016 at 19:00

Hi Everyone,

On October 17, I embarked on an incredible journey with my book Single Skid.  Being asked to do a tv interview on The Daily Edition on Channel 7 was a dream come true.  I had no idea that my little book was going to be a hit on national tv.  As you must have all seen, it aired and I kept my cool. Thanks to some small techniques like EFT or tapping.  Helping me ground myself before I went on air.  I had let so many people know that the interview was airing on that day, I had no idea what effect it would have on people. 

I had many people come up to me and let me know how calm I came across.  (that's a relief)  They were all so very happy for me, to get the book out there.

I was hoping that the interview would open more people's eyes to, not only traumatic brain injury, but how powerfully strong we can be in times of trauma.  I wanted the word out there, that we all have that storage of love and support, for those family members who may be suffering through an injury such as Doc's.

A friend of mine, who I hadn't seen in a long time, had caught the interview while sitting down to have a cuppa.  She said she had no idea what we'd gone through as a couple, she was really happy to know we had been so strong throughout the ordeal.

Another fantastic thing the interview did, was to get people talking.  My best friend's mum had been watching the interview, while visiting her partner (who's now in a nursing home) and a gentleman walked in the room, who they knew, so he sat down and watched the interview with them.  It wasn't long after the interview had finished, when the gentleman let them know that his son had suffered a similar injury.  I really loved hearing that story, as it is another reason I did the book and the interview.  It gets people talking about their own experiences and it bonds people in those moments.  We can all learn and listen to others stories, especially if it has some similarities to our own.

So this is the beginning of the growth of Single Skid.  I look forward to sharing more stories as they arise.


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